Progressive Video Slots

Slots are one of the most playable and interesting casino games which have its own history. Online slots machines became available since technological development. Internet Slots, like any other online casino game became extremely popular because of its convenience. One has no need to go out to the casino and play favorite casino game at home with the help of internet connection.

Slots machines can be of different types, for example, progressive slots, multipliers, buy-your-pay, multi-liners, etc. And before starting the game, one should choose which type of machine he/she wants to play on: Reel Slot machine or Video Slots.

Video Slots are considered to be more fun and exciting. They became popular in 1980s. There are a lot of them in every casino.

Some characteristics of Video Slots

  • Slots makers added pay lines to the Video Slots.
  • Video Slots take more time on each spin than their Reel counterparts.
  • New Video Slots have 9 lines and one can play the game with one to ten coins on each line.
  • Normally, new Video Slots machines have the standard of 5 coins on each line ( a maximum bet is 45 coins)
  • Nickel machine has a maximum bet $2.25.
  • Quarter machine has $11.25 per spin.
  • In comparison with Reel machines, playing Video Slots will cost more money.
  • Many Video Slot machines have pictures or video of reels.
  • The number of combinations which are possible on Video Slots is much greater. That is why there are higher jackpots and bonus wins.
  • All Online Slot machines are Video Slots.
  • Video Slot machines usually use traditional Slots symbols.
  • The same as in Reel Slots Video Slots are also can be multipliers, multi-liners, buy-your-pay, progressive slots and so on.

Also every Slots player should know that hitting big jackpots is possible only with maximum bets. It can be 3-4 coins when playing Reel machines and 45-90 coins on Video Slots.

So, Slots are very interesting and exciting game. But every player must remember that he\she shouldn't play more than he/she is able to lose.

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