Superman Slots

Another money making slot game is the 'superman slots' game that offer a maximum 10,000 coins jackpot. The highest bet is also $10,000. The pay table shows a considerable positive approach to win the combinations on symbols. All payout lines are given in coins. So that you can convert coins to credit, you have to multiply' the number' of coins per denominations. Here you have to play much in order to double your coins.

The wild symbols

Like James Bond slots game, the Superman game slots also caters superman symbol. Meaning all the symbols there are being substituted by the image of superman. This superman image symbol will not however substitute to other symbols scattered in the winning combinations. These scattered symbols are the winning combinations.

The scattered symbols

The game slots for superman scatters the letter S symbol all through out the game. If you see just one scattered symbol is positioned on the line that means that you did not win. It should be placed anywhere between the reels but not on the side of the line, though this is the hardest thing to do since the symbols are tricky and can land on the sides of the reel.

The Slots' bonus features

The bonus can also be seen on the second' screen

You will see three S logo symbols that say 'save the world'. This kind of bonus can be seen on the second' screen display. The 'save the world' phrase is like a pick - a - box style where you can pick the bonus game and you can pick more symbols to reveal the bonus' amount. Once you reveal the symbol with the bonus amount, you can take that amount or you can use it to bet for another play.

The bonus' game on its reel

You will see the bonus free spin between the spinning' reel, the catch is you must hit superman on the reels of 2, 3 and 4 so that you can get another 10 free spins. If you win, your winning spin will be multiplied 5 times your free spins. The player can re trigger to get the additional spins for free during the time of spinning your free spin game bonuses. Let us say of you got 10 free spins, if you hit the bonus spin, you will be given an additional 50 free spins. What a great way to earn free spin to increase your chance of winning!

With this number of free spins, you will the guts to play all round the game without even placing a bet since you got many free spins. And if you have lots of free spins, chances are you could win the jackpot prize.

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