Online Slots Etiquette

Slots are the most popular game in the world. During many years gamblers from all parts of the world were changing the game and adding something new into it. As a result different types of the game appeared (Video Slots, Slots online, etc.)Some people, casino players in particular, don't know what proper things one should do during the game. This article is about Slots etiquette.


So, there are several items you should know about Slots Etiquette:

  1. Don't play on an occupied machine.

    If you see, for example, coin cups, jackets, bags or things like that on the Slots machine sit it means that this place is occupied by someone else and you should search for another one. So, pay attention to such things.

  2. Keep your cool

    Some players used to kick or punch a Slot machine when they are anger because of the misfortune. Remember that you will not go for the winning in such a way. And if you play online Slots and hit your computer, the outcome wouldn't be satisfactory.

  3. Don't distract other players

    Most players forgot or even ignore this important issue. It is okay to exclaim in joy when you win. But don't do this on every spin. It is a bad idea!

  4. Don't play on multiple Slots machines

    Playing on several Slot machines at a time will not increase the chances of winning. Give other players a chance to play on Slot machines.

  5. Be polite

    If someone has forgotten his/her card in the machine you should just put it on top of the Slot machine.

  6. Smoking

    In many casinos smoking is acceptable. If you want to smoke during the game, be sure that your smoke doesn't disturb other players.

  7. Tips

    If you want to tip the employees in the casino you are playing in, try to give the half of 1% of your winning. It is acceptable in this case.

So, now you know the most important things about Slots Etiquette. You should just follow all of them and you will impress everybody.

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