Slots machines types

Slots are the most popular casino game in the world. The rules of this game are considered to be very simple. That is why millions of players enjoy this game in casinos all over the globe. But this game can be of several types which one can find in modern casinos.

Types of Slot Machines


These machines accept multiple-coin bets. One can play from 1 to 5 (or even) more coins. The winning combination is a direct proportion of the bet. Double bet doubles the winning. Exception is a jackpot. If the bet is 1 coin, the jackpot would be 800 coins, but if the bet is 2 coins, the jackpot would be 2000 coins and so on. There were single coin Slots machines but they almost disappeared from all the casinos.

Wild symbol multipliers

These are multiple-coin Slots with a "wild" symbol. If one has two reels with 2 bars and a third one with a wild symbol, it would be a winning combination with 3 bars. There are a lot of Slots machines which have wild symbols represented by diamonds or ellipses showing increasing of the rate. The same as in Multipliers, double diamond doubles the winning, triple triples and so on. Such machines are extremely popular. Wild symbols make Slots game much more exiting.


This type of Slots machines has more than one payoff line. Usually multi-liners have 3 horizontal lines. And also some Slots machines have 2 additional diagonal pay-lines. As a rule, a player should activate those lines by playing certain amount of coins: 3 lines - 3 coin, 5 lines - 5 coins (maximum bet).


This Slots machine type has only 1 payoff line and different winning combinations. If one bet only one coin it is impossible to hit a jackpot or other big combination.

Progressive Slots

Casinos usually connect many progressive slots machines into one system which has a common jackpot. Such jackpot can be hit by players from any machine.

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