Privacy Statement

In order to ensure the safe and secure services to our valued Account Holders, we are destined towards providing the ethical and professional standard services. The aim of the management is to keep track of all the professional and ethical standards when fulfilling security requirements. Casino Riva is the relevant company with its back offices operations and they deal with all these matters.

  • The protection and safety to the Account Holders is provided by Casino Riva in the basic three areas, basically
    • IT Security system
    • Legal security system
    • Financial Security system
  • The European Member State of the State of Malta has authorize the Casino Riva provides remote gaming services. According to the online gaming services of the Republic of Malta, the license LN. 176 of 2004 Lotteries and Other Games Act of 2001 (Act # XXIV 2001) the normal and regular license has been issued to the Casino Riva. The Lotteries and the Gaming Authority has issued general policies and procedures for the normal operations of Casino Riva, the legal regulatory authority resides with the branch administration that covers all gaming areas of within and outside Malta. However in the history of the European Union, Malta is the very first ever country to get the legal regulations for the online gaming. All the infrastructure build for the working of the operator and the service providers is made complex to avoid any form of imitation.
  • All the personal information of the Account Holders will be held in complete confidentiality by the Casino Riva, however only in case of any Account Holder breaking the rules or subject to some legal authorities, the information may have to be disclosed.
  • To ensure the security of the Account Holder, he is given his own personal account number. The password is set by the Account Holder himself, thus it is Account Holders responsibility not to share his account information with any third party. In case of any doubt about the involvement of any third person in his information, he must immediately contact Casino Riva's customer services. The customer services department will then authorize a new password
  • Internet communication record id kept alive
  • Any conversation between the Account holder and the Casino Riva call center may be kept

In the context of financial security:

  • Different payment modes and transfer methods is provided to the Account Holder by the Casino Riva
  • In case of any decline the use of credit card, Casino Riva is not accountable for this however the payment solution services and security systems may be involved.

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