James Bond Slots

There is a new addition to the Microgaming' slots portfolio family; the game is called the double-O cash. This is the game played in the movie, James Bond. The game is played per 20 pay out line pace and is perfect for players who are looking for more excitement in slots game.

The game double O cash is very elegant coupled with sexy croupier will really caught you in the midst of villains and you desire more to catch more cash than you can imagine. The James Bond symbols include the following: 'ice cold shaken Martinis', guns, gadgets, mean baddies, beautiful girls, helicopters, motorbikes and fast cars.

The nature of the game is fun. You will enjoy so much the graphics displayed every time a winner is declared. The Agent 007 sound track music and its designated sound' effect grins out the best sultry theme in this game.

The Free Spin' Feature

You can have free spin for the first play on double O' cash high technology spy symbol. Along with the free spin, you will also be awarded of up to thirty spins.

The Bonuses

The bonus' game will be triggered by a sport car graphic and a cool mobile entry will begin the game. While you are on the mood of the game a jet' engine shoots the switches to turns into a sub marine, then you can pick three under water mines to reveal the prizes hidden under the mines.

The Jackpot

Betting at the maximum coin pay out line, the first jackpot is around $50 thousand and another $7,500.00 is offered in the bonus jackpot. It is a very exciting slots offered. While you are waiting for the jackpot to increase you will be entertained with James Bond trailer. If you are an impatient slot game player, this one is for you. The game however, is longer than the usual lots game.

The game instructions

This slots game provides a pay out of up to 20 lines according to how many tables are being played, the sinning play out line is then multiplied according to the number' of coins at stake.

The Mission Bonus

  • There are 5 adjacent bonuses that are scattered all through out the game.
  • The 5 bonuses that are scattered pays about 50 times in the total bet.
  • The 4 bonuses are scattered to get a 5 times total' bet.
  • The 3 bonuses are scattered to get 2 times total' bet.
  • The bonuses could not trigger during your free spins.
  • You could win up to 1,500 pay out line coins in these bonuses.
  • The Free' spins
  • There are five adjacent spins for free that can trigger the symbols. With one symbol you could get up to thirty free spins and out of those 30 spins you will get an additional 5 free spins that can be used as 50 times total bets.

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