The company who owned Megabucks is the slots machine in Nevada, this is an International Game' Technology. It was considered as one of the biggest slot machine lottery in Nevada, the Megabucks game is very popular and it created many millionaires by the past nineteen years in the industry. It is quite a history if you just take a look at it. With the help of PR' hype, Megabucks had created hysteria to players every time the prize jackpot reaches to super Megabucks.

This game is played in a slot' machine that really generates considerably big prizes that makes players strive to win and winner's millionaire over night. Though, if we just analyze it, we can see the real score between this slot machine Megabucks - with everything it spelled from the beginning - we can say that this kind of progressive game slot is not a good slot' game to play.

The Game Megabucks

International Game Technology is some kind of coin slot' machine, you will bet $3 coins in order to have the chance to win the jackpot. Once a grand winner declares, the jackpot rises to a certain level of money. While you can see the winning amount is let us say $10M, it was believed that the $10M jackpot will reset to $11M. The system is designed to connect to more than 750 machines' in nearly 136 casinos in Nevada, which becomes the base of Megabucks amazing jackpot prize.

The International Game' Technology manned Megabucks slots machine who has a part of the sum of money the winner wins! I would say that Megabucks is a close competition of state lottery.

Where is Megabucks Located?

Megabucks slots machine was originated in Nevada and you can find them in the state's popular casino houses. It is not like an ordinary state lotteries because Megabucks doesn't cross on the state' line. You can also find them in California State, the Mississippi and the New Jersey and some parts of Indian continent. Though, the Megabucks in other states do not include venues just like in Nevada and the Jackpots are not as big as in Nevada.

Every States that offer the game slot Megabucks, the jackpot prize are not the same. They have their own sets of jackpot per States. The jackpot won in another State will not affect the pot of jackpot in another States.

The junk Megabucks

The household Megabucks holds about 15% of the winning prize in all the plays and another 3% is taken from the slots machine and there are other hidden agenda that aren't disposed of. The sum total take home of the winner is only around 60of the winning jackpot.

With these situations alone, you can see how junk the game is because there are a lot of fishy dealings, which players are not mindful of.

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