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By the late 70s, after many years of inactivity of all slots machines, the biggest break through had finally happened with the advent of video machine slots. With this new generation, casino owners and companies have to do something in order to recuperate the desire of slots players. They realized there is a need to upgrade the system. Whether it is for bad or good times, slots games are no longer an old game like inserting of coin and pulling on the lever to spin the wheel and when the coins landed on the jackpot reel you win. Now it's more than that. The video game slot machines will bring you whole lots of experience.

The conception of Video slots

It was in 1975 when Walt Fraley a slot savvy invented a video' slot machine called fortune coin. During its conception the players were not carried away or infatuated, but it did not stay long like that, because it generally gathered many players and some were fanatical about video game slots.

The reason why at first players were indifferent about lot video is that the technology used were new and haven't been tried yet.

Players at that time were used playing slots game on a mechanical system that it became their comfort zone in playing the game. By the year 1976, the IGT Company bought the video' slot machine technology and developed more new slots video machines. Gradually the birth of video slots had captured many players that eventually it became popular. By the year 1979, video' poker game was launched and it became the door to open many possibilities in video poker.

The first video' slots was called Reel'Em powered by WMS. The game stated as video slot and it popularized the multiple coin game concepts per pay out line. This multiple coin pay out slots provides new and exciting features to let online players enjoy and experience new sets of games. One thing that makes gamblers swerved to traditional game slots was that it lacked inter active activity. What players do is to feed the coins and then wait for the wheels to spin. There was no excitement at all. The game slot was a dull game mechanically.

All those boring mechanical slots were brought alive by video games. The new version of video game slot provide a higher resolution on screen and the graphics are just so entertaining that no body will get bored playing the game.

The excitement continues

By the year 1980 video slots machine have progressively added new features especially elements to video' slots.

With that the jackpot bonuses were created, and it garnered favor to all casino houses and online casino sites. Because of its progressive popularity, the progressive jackpot was created.

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