Celebrities Slots

The game for celebrity' big brother comes in a five reel and 20 pay out lines slot video game. The game is played in 5 reel spins, which one must form the correct winning combination in order to win. Every time you place a coin and bet, you increase your chance of pay lines. Upon spinning, wait for the reel to stop and when it stopped, check if you have the right combination on the symbols given and along with it a new set s of pay out line is offered. The celebrity' big brother slots video machine features the following: the wild symbols. The scattered symbols, the free spin round and the progressive slots game.

The present value of the prize jackpot that you can see on celebrity' big brother slots video game may change from time to time depending on the amount of bets placed. The slots game for celebrity' big brother can only be enjoyed and played by gamblers who are willing to bet big amount; this game was inspired by virtue' fusion. If you want to try how gamblers play, you can join them by placing the minimum bet of $5. Do it just for an experience. The highest pay out line in celebrity' big brother is 5000 credits coupled with the progressive' jackpot. Note: if you do not have money on your account, you can never play this game

The rules of the game

  • The pay out is up to twenty lines.
  • The game could let you win and double your winning of up to 90 percent.
  • The highest and maximum win can be selected on its 20 pay out lines.
  • If you have won on different pay out lines, all your winnings will be combined to get a one time payment.
  • The pay out system however would base on the pay table game.
  • The player who gathers the most winning combinations is declared as winner.
  • If you see scattered champagne symbols, do not be carried away by this, as they are there to allure players but the truth is those symbols have nothing to do with the winning combination.
  • The regular symbols on the five reels are scattered simultaneously from left to right.
  • The bonuses you won are included in the pay out line you have recently won.
  • To see all the winnings, look at the lines displayed and you will see how many bonuses or pay out you have accumulated.
  • The eye logo, which was the celebrity' big brother logo are also scattered just like in champagne symbols, though you should not be confused with champagne symbols.
  • The betting system is up to $2 per line and there are 20 lines per single game.

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