Australian Casino Slots

Australia is considered to be leader of the Pokies and has over 20% of the world's pokie machines.

Pokies were invented in US and later they became popular in a whole world. Different countries have their own terms for this game, for example, "Casino Slots", "Fruit machines", "Bandits", or "Poker machines". And in Australia this game has always been known as pokies.

There are several Australian pokie facts:

  • The amount of pokie machines in Australia is more than 250.000
  • For about 40% of adults in Australia play pokies
  • NSW (National Software Works) is considered to be the biggest Australian pokie destination. It has more than 50% of online machines

Online pokies revolution

Australians used to have pokies almost in every pub and bar through the country. Pokies hold a special place in recognition off Australian nation. And all adults in the country can easily say that they have played this game at least few times.

Online payout ratios

With technological development more and more people playing all casino games on the internet. The same is in Australia. The main reason of this is that payout ratios are much higher than in land-based casinos. Offline machines pay out approximately 90% while their online counterparts can pay more than 95%. It gives a player more chances to win. That is a significant difference between these two types of pokies.

Online jackpots

Jackpots in offline pokies can be of thousands or even hundred thousands and playing online pokies one have chance to hit $1 million (or even more) jackpot. The current record of hitting online pokie jackpot is $5 million. Also there are progressive pokies. It means that one have a chance to hit really big jackpot because such jackpots continue to grow until someone hit it.

If you want to find a good Australian pokies site you can get recommendations on the internet.

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